Justin Bieber ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Round #2 – 2015 [VIDEO]


Justin Bieber has taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ROUND #2 now in an effort to help spread the message about Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Watch video below:

It’s been a year since the ice bucket challenge swept the world last summer. But what was it all for and how much did the charities benefit?

The craze has been described as the largest ever global social media phenomenon after more than 17 million people had freezing water poured over their heads all for a good cause. The challenge first went viral in the US – raising $98.2 million between July and August last year for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association. And between August and September last year, when the challenge was at its peak, the ALS Association received over $115 million in donations.

This year Justin nominated Scooter Braun , Floyd Mayweather, pastor Judah Smith and his friend Michael.

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