‘People Manipulate Me’: Justin Bieber Interview with Radio (VIDEO Interview)


Justin Bieber talks about a lot of stuff with Radio.com (August 28).

On working with Drake: “I’m excited about that, he’s awesome. He’s always supported me, since day one. He’s a real good dude, just a solid individual. He cares about people too, and that’s such great quality to have.”

On people who manipulate him: “For me, my whole thing was like, people were always trying to take advantage of me, people were always trying to pull at me and manipulate me and get me to do stuff, and I finally got to the point where I was like, ‘People suck, dude. People are awful. People are always trying to hurt me.’ So, this is my perception of people. So, when I go to talk to people, obviously my attitude towards them is going to be pretty terrible if I think you suck.”

“Now, I’m at a place where [I recognize that] there are people who I overlooked who are just trying to be gracious towards me, and love me. Who I completely overlooked. So I just encourage people to drop those prior thoughts, or drop what you think you feel so you could let someone in who may be waiting at your doorstep, and they may be the right person to let in.”

On his music and being optimistic: “I think people see through fakeness. Artists come and go all the time. It’s no accident that I’m still doing this. I went through a lot of hardships, a lot of battles. And you come out on top when you’re passionate and when you’re real and when you’re authentic. People can see it.”

On making mistakes: “I started out really young. I made mistakes. I’m still going to make mistakes. I’m not looking for trouble, I’m just human. But I think it’s about owing up to who you are as a man. We’re all growing up and figuring out what we’re ok with, and what we’re not ok with. Right now I’m searching for who I want around me and [to figure out] who I don’t want around me, and people to help me grow.”

On people who has given him some valuable advice like Usher: “I think there’s only so much you can teach someone, without them learning it on their own. He’s taught me a lot of stuff, told me what to do and what not to do. Sometimes I had to do it my way. Sometimes, that’s not the best way to do it.”

On learning from his own mistakes: “There’s the easy way of learning: from other people’s mistakes. There’s the hard way of learning: from your own mistakes. And there’s the tragic way, which is never learning. I would rather choose to learn from someone else’s mistakes, but sometimes I have to figure it out on my own. ”

On figuring things out: “I think it takes stepping back and being humble and saying ‘OK, I don’t have it figured out.’ I think people my age think we have it figured out, and we don’t. At all.”

“I definitely went through a phase where I was like , ‘I got this, I know what I’m doing.’ And that’s when you find yourself falling on your ass. You’re not utilizing the people who helped you to get there. You’re not acknowledging that it’s not just about you. Life’s about helping and sharing. That’s why my thing on this album is, it isn’t all just about me, I’m not being the superstar Justin Bieber with his shades on. I went through that phase. Now it’s: ‘Let’s all do this together, let’s have fun.’ I’m not trying to be something I’m not, I’m just trying to enjoy the music.”


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