Justin Bieber Covers HITS DD Magazine – “Killer start for comeback kid”


Justin’s on the cover of the new issue of HITS DAILY DOUBLE Magazine! “Killer start for comeback kid” is the headline.


  1. tiara
  2. Charlotte Gerber
  3. Lokani
  4. Lokani
  5. Anya M Rosario
  6. Anya M Rosario
  7. Lokani
  8. Anya M Rosario
  9. Anya M Rosario
  10. Anya M Rosario
  11. Filipina Belieber ??
  12. Indian Belieber
  13. Brandt
  14. Lokani
  15. Lokani
  16. Lokani
  17. Lokani
  18. Lokani

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