‘It was Real’: Justin Bieber Explains Why He’s Crying During the VMAs + Performs ‘What Do You Mean’ on Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)


Justin Bieber talks to Jimmy Fallon about the emotions that led to his tearful right after the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards performance.

Justin Bieber Sings “Where Are Ü Now” as a Country Ballad: He explains how Skrillex transformed his vocals into an ear-wormy Easter egg in the hook of “Where Are Ü Now.”

Justin Bieber: What Do You Mean?: Justin Bieber performs “What Do You Mean?” for the Tonight Show audience.

Justin Bieber and Questlove Drum-Off: Justin Bieber and The Root’s Questlove have a rematch of their 2010 Late Night with Jimmy Fallon drum battle.

Freestylin’ with The Roots with Justin Bieber: Jimmy chats with a special member of the audience and asks The Roots to improv songs about him on the spot.

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