Justin Bieber’s Coming to Australia September 27-30 – Promo Visit New Single “What Do You Mean?”


Justin Bieber to visit Australia in support of his new hit single “What Do You Mean?”

On Wednesday, he took to Twitter to announce his promo visit, writing, “Good news. In September I’m coming back to Australia for #whatdoyoumean. Get ready.”

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Shortly after, multiple Australian music and radio outlets, and Sunrise — an Australian breakfast TV show — repeated the superstar’s news in tweets, while telling fans to watch their feeds for updates. So it looks as if Justin Bieber’s Australia visit will be a press blitz.

JB’s promotional dates in Australia will be in Sydney and Melbourne, from September 27-30. Based on tweets, the “What Do You Mean?” trip will include press stops at Sunrise, Shazam Top 20 Australia, Nova radio, Kyle and Jackie O, 2Day FM, Smallzy’s Surgery, MTV, and possibly more.

The last time he was in Australia, he attended a week long Hillsong conference, organized by the church (of the same name) which he belongs to.

Justin Bieber’s new album will be coming out on November 13!

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