Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?” Most Streamed Song on Spotify in a Week, Dethroning One Direction!


Justin Bieber is marking a comeback: He set a new record on Spotify, besting One Direction.

Spotify said Thursday (Sept. 3) that Justin’s “What Do You Mean?” was streamed more than 21 million times in just five days. The song sets a new record in the U.S. and globally, and surpassed the 20 million streams that One Direction’s “Drag Me Down” launched in its debut week, thanks in part to it being the first track the group released after the apocalyptic departure of former member Zayn Malik.

Justin has had a rough couple of years since he released Journals in 2013. When he wasn’t engaging in the occasional throwdown with law enforcement over driving drunk or throwing eggs at his neighbor’s home, he was making headlines for being outright dismissive during video depositions related to charges of battery brought against him by photographers. He’s begun making moves to repair his public image, however, including offering himself up as a victim to Comedy Central Roast and apparently getting emotional during live performances.

“I worked so hard at the album. I’ve worked so hard at just becoming the man that I want to become and then stepping into situations you can’t help but feel judged,” Justin told talk-show host Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday when asked why he teared up at the VMAs.

“What was so special about the emotional moment, it was authentic and real. I was just wanting it so bad.”

Now, JB has a reward for his hard work: Ousting One Direction from the Spotify throne.

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