Xenia Deli says she’s not dating Justin Bieber, he encouraged her to connect with God!


She’s the lucky girl who starred as Justin Bieber’s lover in his music video, What Do You Mean?

But Xenia Deli is insisting that not only are they just friends, but that Justin encouraged her to connect with her faith.

In an interview with People magazine, the 25-year-old model put the romance rumors to rest while recalling how Justin ‘taught me a lot about God.’

“This is actually a funny moment because we’re not dating and we went to dinner as friends. There’s nothing between us, but it’s just funny how people make up stories.

“I wasn’t actually surprised because he taught me a lot about God – he was teaching me I should learn.

“What’s so amazing to me is that he’s so young, but already having those kinds of thoughts…I feel that he has a very deep soul and it’s not empty. He told me to remember one thing: that God is love…He doesn’t get upset, he doesn’t punish us for anything. He’s only about love. He loves us how we are.”

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