Justin Bieber Catfish Arrested for Extorting 9-year-old Fan Into Sending Nude Selfies and VIDEOS

A Massachusetts man was arrested for posing as Justin Bieber and extorting a young girl into sending him nude selfies and videos, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said in a press release Tuesday, January 17.

Bryan Asrary, 24, was arrested at his home in Revere, Massachusetts, on December 18, two years after his initial contact with the girl. Detectives from the LASD Human Trafficking Bureau launched an investigation last November after learning that the unidentified victim was being extorted into sending nude pictures over the internet, the sheriff’s department said.

According to the LASD, when the girl was 9 years old, she received a direct message on Instagram from Asrary, who told her that he knew JB and would arrange a text meeting on the social-messaging app Kik. After the girl messaged Asrary, thinking he was Justin, he demanded “nude photos of the victim and threatened harm if she didn’t cooperate,” the press release said. The girl sent the pictures and videos and kept the incident a secret for two years.

Asrary was arrested by Massachusetts State Police for possession of child pornography. In California, he faces multiple charges, including extortion, manufacturing child pornography and communicating with a minor with the intent to commit a sex act. If convicted, Asrary faces several years in prison.

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