Generous & Lonely Justin Bieber Pays Two Strangers To Hang Out With Him, Report says

Even though he is constantly hounded by fans and attends all of the hottest parties in Hollywood, it seems like Justin Bieber is one very lonely guy. This was the observation made by two guys who frequent the West Hollywood dive bar and restaurant called Barney’s Beanery.

The two were enjoying a game of pool when Justin approached them and asked to join their game in exchange for paying their bill for the entire evening.

Brothers David and James Estey told the Daily Star:

“We recognized him instantly and told him he was welcome to join us. He was nothing like the hard-partying star you might imagine and came across as a bit of a sad sack who was looking for company with anyone he could find.”

David added that JB was quite good in playing pool, and if they had been playing for money, he might have cleaned them out.

They also said Justin was pretty generous and even bought snacks for them to munch on. James said that Justin appears to be comfortable in Barney’s because nobody is harassing him.

“He also took care of our bar bill and paid for a bunch of appetisers for us to munch on.

I think he feels comfortable at Barney’s because the pool table area is pretty male dominated and nobody hassles him for autographs or selfies. Justin came across as very quiet, polite and even a little shy – completely unlike his reputation.”


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