Justin Bieber Pissed in his $700 Sweatpants? See the giant wet patch!

Justine Bieber headed out in West Hollywood on Wednesday with an unfortunate stain in his pants. The stain covered his entire crotch area and was rather visible in his almost $700 grey Vetements sweatpants.

What exactly caused the stain was not clear, but what was clear, was that he was in no mood to discuss his ex Selena Gomez’s new relationship.

As a cameraman repetitively asked if he was planning to go to war against his ex’s new boyfriend The Weeknd, Justin stayed silent.

Justin made a beeline for his matte black Range Rover which he has had the badge changed on so it says Stealth Rover.

Aside from his stained designer sweatpants, Justin wore a white T-shirt with a distressed grey jean jacket and a pair of Nike Air Huarache.

Justin explained on Twitter why he’d been spotted walking down the sidewalk with a liquid splotch on the groin of his $700 Vetements sweats.

‘Someone got me flowers and I was driving, made a turn, and the water spilled on my d*ck area…Didn’t bother me if it made ya laugh nice!’.

He’s also uploaded on Instagram a tongue-in-cheek meme comparing his wardrobe mishap to a photo of Adam Sandler in Billy Madison.

‘You aint cool… unless you pee your paints,’ the image was captioned, quoting Sandler’s titular character in the 1995 comedy film.

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