Justin Bieber Throws Major Shade at The Weeknd, Funny! VIDEO

Justin Bieber may have shown his true feelings for The Weeknd and the Internet is exploding over it.

Of course, the world knows that The Weekend is dating Selena Gomez. From Los Angeles to Italy, they have been caught in lots of PDA photos together. Not only have fans seen them kiss, they’ve seen them out to dinner and on each other’s Snapchat stories. The relationship is basically official.

But Beliebers have been wondering what Justin thinks about Selena’s new love. Even though Justin didn’t attend the show, he made it known how he really feels about The Weekend on Instagram LIVE while the awards ceremony was still going on.

Justin was on Instagram making a live story and answering fans’ questions. His friend Alfredo Flores actually asked Justin what his favorite song of the moment was and Justin said, “‘Starboy’ by The Weeknd.”

While this may have seemed like a nice gesture, it sounds like JB was throwing a bit of shade as there was continuous laughter in the background.

Watch video below: Justin skipped on the Grammys 2017, but during the ceremony he went live on Instagram and took a shot at his ex-gf and her new man, the Weeknd.

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