Justin Bieber’s Sad Valentines Day! -VIDEO Message

Justin Bieber was feeling lonely on Valentines day, Feb. 14, posting — then deleting — two Instagram Story videos admitting he didn’t have a date for the romantic holiday.

Quoting the film Dumber and Dumber, he tells the camera, “I got no food, I got no job, our pets heads are falling off and I got no Valentine!” adding his own spin to add his single status.

In a second post, Justin says in a melancholy voice, “All I ever wanted was a Valentine. Now I don’t even have a Valentine.”

Watch Justin Bieber’s Valentines Message VIDEO BELOW:

Meanwhile, his ex Selena Gomez hasn’t been shy about flaunting her new boyfriend, The Weeknd. The couple spent time together at Rihanna‘s Grammys after party.

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