“Sorry” Songwriter Says the Song was About Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez -Interview

Selena Gomez knew all along that Justin Bieber’s song “Sorry” was all about her. According to Sorry’s songwriter, Justin Tranter, the song seemingly inspired by JELENA’s tumultuous love affair.

In a recent interview with CBS, Tranter called Selena to warn her when “Sorry” was about to drop. He has also worked on songs for Selena, like “Hands to Myself” and “Good for You.

“When we knew ‘Sorry’ was happening and when it was official and Justin cut it, we called her [Selena] and said, ‘Just so you know, this song’s coming out’ because these are real people’s lives. This is real life, and you have to be real with your friends.”

Tranter wrote the song from Justin’s perspective, taking into consideration the tumult of Justin’s public life at that moment.

“I never met Justin Bieber. Just knew that the session was for him specifically… Sometimes you can use what is happening in pop culture to affect a song. So obviously what we are talking about in ‘Sorry,’ everyone has experienced that moment like ‘OK, wait, I actually need to apologize.’ So that is a very universal feeling, but also being aware of how pop culture was viewing him as in that moment, I knew an apology would be good.”

Selena just dropped a song “It Ain’t Me” with Kygo, effectively banishing Justin to the prison of her memories.

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