Case Reopened, Justin Bieber Faces 1-Year in Brazilian Prison for 2013 graffiti Incident. Should he Skip this Tour Stop?

Justin Bieber faces arrest in Brazil for illegally spray painting graffiti on a Rio hotel’s wall in 2013, which makes the fact he’s headed there tomorrow for the #PurposeTour pretty risky!

JB is set to perform in Rio on Wednesday (March 29), and Brazilian authorities have now reopened his case and will officially notify him of the charges when he arrives in the country.

There will be a court clerk waiting at the airport for JB to arrive, and once he does, he will be asked to sign papers confirming he’s aware of the case against him. They will also recommend he hire a defense attorney, as they plan to question him about the incident and pass a sentence before he leaves again.

Justin reportedly faces one year in jail and a huge fine.

Perhaps it would be wise to just skip this Purpose tour stop?

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