Justin Bieber Shows off New Tattoo of a Huge Lion’s Head on his Chest [PHOTOS]

Justin Bieber has inked a lionโ€™s head onto his pecs, next to his intricate tattoo of a bear. He showed off his new artwork as he relaxed before heading off on the next leg of his tour.

Some fans complimented him on his new tattoo, others couldnโ€™t help but notice he had appeared to have been watching cult film Sausage Party.

In the casual selfie, a shirtless Biebs reclines in bedโ€”and gives fans a good look at this latest feline addition to his extensive collection. It joins the freshly-inked roaring bear on the other side of his chest, as well as a spread-winged eagle across his abdomen.

He showed off both of those animals just last week, when the lion was still not part of the picture. The slightly-askew crown that looks to top the lion’s mane has been a longstanding piece of ink, however.

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