Justin Bieber Facts

Quick facts about Justin Bieber.
If you want to add some more facts about him, please let us know. Also, if you think that some of the information are untrue,  let us know! Thanks for all the input guys!

Justin Bieber full name is Justin Drew Bieber
He was born March 1st, 1994 (17 years old).
His nicknames: J-Beebs, Justin, JB, Biebs, Bieber, Beebs
His mother name is Pattie Mallette
His father name is Jeremy Bieber
His dad plays guitar, and his mom sings.
His grandma was a great piano player.
His Dad remarried.
He is very protective for his little sister.
He wanted to buy a house for his mom when he first earned $1,000,000.
He is not into bling-bling.
He started dating when he was 13.
His first kiss was when he was 13.
His favorite TV show is smallville.
his favorite video game is nba 2k.
His favorite colors are blue and purple
His favorite food is spaghetti
He speaks fluent French
He is claustrophobic – fear of being in narrow or enclosed spaces, eg: closet, elevators ;)
He prefers Macs over PCs
His favorite number is 6
His favorite music is R&B and Pop
His favorite artists; Usher, Michael Jackson, BoysIImen, Stevie Wonder.
His celebrity crush is Beyonce.
He likes vitamin water
His favorite drink is orange juice
He has a half sister named Jazmine/jazzy & brother names jaxon
He is a lefty
He can play trumpet, guitar, piano, and drums
He likes captain crunch (with berries)
He can count to ten in German
He once asked out Rihanna and Alexa Chung (got rejected) :(
His two best friends are Ryan butler and Chaz Somers
He once dated Caitlin Beadles (Christian Beadles sister)
His shoe size is 7 and a half
He likes sporty, active, nice, down to earth girls.
He likes sour patch kids
His most embarrassing moment is when he broke his foot on stage during a song (he stayed and finished the song, didn’t even miss a note! so proud :))
He grew up in Canada (Stratford Ontario)
He is signed by Usher. Justin Timberlake was reportedly in the running to sign Bieber.
His label is Island def jam.
He likes playing soccer.
His favorite slang word is “shawty”
He likes tacos
His favorite pie is apple
He likes to skateboard and is good at it
He loves Tim Hortons (very Canadian)
He likes a good smile
His first CD came out in Novemeber 17th 2009
He got his first plaque at YTV’s The Next Star at Canadas wonderland :)
He would date anyone he falls in love with.
He is pals with Taylor Swift
He plays four instruments; guitar, piano, drums and trumpet
He raised 150,000 lbs of food for food Bank, with the help of his fans.
He loves his fans!

  1. I can’t say that i “love you” just like every other girl would, but i think your pretty awesome for a beginner. No offense but im just starting to hear of you and as soon as i heard your songs from my sisters CD i fell in love with it. I am 13, and i go to stivers school for the arts. Yea its in Ohio and I would love to have you come to Ohio sometime for a concert. Nobody ever comes here and that makes me mad, its like people don’t think little towns like us dont exsist. Your are really cute btw. But all i want is for you to sing in Ohio,i hope i could get to go though. See my family doesnt have all kinds of money and i havent really been to concerts much. I want to meet you so bad, im not the type to wanna meet a celeberty either. well hope u come to Ohio soon!!

    • i feel the same way, i live 4 hours away from kelowna and i really wish he would come to my little town :/

      • i love justin and i want to no where he lives snog him and have babies and my name is jessica and i am 14 love you like new song wiv chris brownxx

      • i know. i wish he could come to my town to. just t let all u guys know i am not a crazy obsessed fan but i also am not an anti Justin Bieber fan. if he were to talk to me, id be cool, i mean like he is just a teenage boy who is more popular than his fans that we know of. i bet all he wants is to be a regular teenager. if he got to meet a fan i bet he’d want them to not b all over him or to not be trying to kill him. i bet he just wants to be treated like a regular person like every one of us. and come on people , do u actully think ur gonna get a chance with Justin Bieber, like come on thats like 1 in 1,000,000. so seriosly just leave the pour kid alone. if he says heey want to go out with me than fine but stop being crazy. yea its flattering but some people take it to threatning level of extreme.

      • omg to i live in the upper michigan i cant say where i love u jbieber ii wish u could come up here that would make MY WORLD i love u sooooooooooooooooo much now and 4 eva i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuu i cant stop saying that i lv u bieber

      • Justin Bieber…I love you…your the best. I love you and your songs! Keep it up J-Beebs

        someday im gonna become miss bieber!!!
        <3 :)

      • we want to make out with u espically mackenzie . TYPE BACK. WE LOVE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

      • i love u to i wish u could come to detroit michigan. im your biggest fan ever. I dream about you and when i wake up and your not there i begin to be sad then i start crying. can u at least call me please please i wont tell any one your number i promose.my name is Tierra and my number is 313 658 5860.please

      • yeah, i live ages away in a rubbish little town so theres no way he would come anywhere nere here. the closet he would come would probably be plymouth.

      • me2 we really can’t see a concert were we live and wisconsin soooooo can u please come down and perform u perform else were but not and wisconsin wat up with that

      • hey i want to thank you guyz 4 the stuff u said about me.
        i will try my hardest to go to ohio or anywhere else. But my schedule is booked right now. So wish me luck!!!
        Love you guyz,
        JB ;)

      • justin why did u ditch us for Selena Gomez how could u i luv u so much i am obsessed please choose me ahhhhhhh

      • oh yea if u want to save his life fine but thats very rare when ur there when hes about to die unless ur stocking him so lay off da bieber

      • this is to joey justin bieber does not suck u suck soo dont say that suck balls i love jb to bitz xxx

      • I know I LOVE him sooooo much too…. And i know that joey! hes in my class! U suck joey!!!!!!! (for saying that)

      • He’s sooo fit I love him <3 but what people don't relies is he's just like everyone else he's just famous and he became famous coz he worked hard 4 what he's got 2day and everyone loves him well most people do anyway at least u guys live near america and canada I don't I live in england the most annoying place ever xxx

      • i love you justin bieber you are my bigest fan and that you are so cute i really wish i can come to one of your concerts but my family dont have the money would you help me could you give me a ticket to come see you i really love you so much

      • hi justin i love you so much that i dream of u too much and i wish that all of those dreams come true one day.One day i was at school and someone told me that you had a baby and even though i know you dont have one i still started to cry. If you send me your phone number i can say all of the things i want to say about u. P.S they are wonderful things. AT THIS MOMENT I AM LISTENING TO UR (YOUR) SONGS AND BY NOW I HAVE LISTENED TO ABOUT 100. By the way my 2 favourit are: one less lonely girl and back down to earth. By the way i am 11 and i really wish that you could come to london in october. you know the passes that people had for you christmas in london me and my sister have one. You are ssoooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • i luv uuuuuu soooooooooooooooo much i so wish i could meet u, ur the best person alive i luv uuuuuuuuuuuuu

    • I live in a town called Yorkville IL it so small we don’t have any good resrants exept for micdanalds, burger king and a few small pancake resrants he probably will never visit r town + we have no tourist if he hade a concert the closest one to me would be in Chicago witch is a hour and a half from my house and I don’t like long car rides I am closterphobic a little I am fine with elevators but only if it’s my family no one else then I will be happy to walk up staires. I don’t know if it’s a roumer or not but I think and hope that Justin and Selena broke up I also heard that he was going to marry her but PLEASE DON’T HE NEEDS TO MEET MORE GIRLS FIRST!!!! Like me! :)

      • I agree. he needs to be with more girls before anything can acually be offical. im a crazy jb fann and i think he deserves to be with me!!:D jkjkkj he needs to be with som1 that he loves<3

      • He well never go out with u so give up he only likes popstarse and I do not think that they should Brock up they are a grate cupel and u are just gellse becose that he as a girlfrend.

        Ps.stop hating on then
        Think u :)

      • yeah,maybe we all love him so much.we all really want be his girl,that can be real like jb says ‘never say never’. but its all up to him!

      • i live in a small town too but all we have for restuarnts are dairy queen and subway and we dont even have 1,500 people in our town i live in south dakota i doubt he will ever come here he probably has nvr een heard of it so yah and i rlly want to see him because i cant go to his concerts!:(

        Hey my cousins live in illinios too!


      • that will never happen justin biber is sexy plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz call me jb im 17 and i just want to make out with you

      • I love u! i love you. i love you. i love you sooooooooooomuch. ilove you.i love you too bits. im obsessed with you… dont take it personally…..i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ilove u. i love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much…. i love you i love you ilove you ilo0ve you i love you i love you!!!! i love u. i love u. i love you. im gunna be ur one less lonely girl!!!!! and im down to earth!!! im ur favourite girl.my love for you is BIGGER.BIIGGGGERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRi love you…………………I LOVE YOU.ILOVE YOU.ILOVE YOU. IIIII

    • He had his first kiss when he was 11 not 13 and it was with a friend while htey were sledding and at hte top of the hill he kissed her get it right

      • no wrong yes he was skiing but he was 12 not eleven i am the most craziest fan there is nobody comes between us and his shoe size is 5 and a half also by the way i live in a miniture rural town called ballina i live on a farm population- 6000 commpared to statfords 30 000 so come here and i know his exact birthday it is the 1st of march 1994 at london, ontario canada public hospital on a tuesday at 12.56 am after 10 months his mum and dad broke up and justin and jbieber moved to statford ontario canada in an appartment

      • umm wow your not a belieber at all justin shoe size is 7and a half his favorite hockey team is the maple leafs his favorite colors are blue and purple he has a total of 37 songs and he loves a girl with a nice smile

      • guys not trying to be mean but justin lives very far away from here and he doesnt even know you exist so please stop trying im just trying to stop you from breaking your heart! :D

        P.S. Justin is really cool so stop hateing all yall boys out there!

      • kk bieber- get it right chica ;) his b day is indeed March 1st 1996 on tuesday AND at 12:56 althouigh it was 14 seconds after it turned um 12:56 mmhmm…btw he wieghed 7 lbs and 11 ounces I LOVE U JUSTIN!!<33333 UR A SEXXY BEASTT

      • um kk bieber u neeed to calm down his shoe size is 7 and a half!! um and its 12:39!!! ok were married so u can shut ur face. ur not a commited fan u jst want to be a big fan so ull be cool. srry mrs.wannabe but u mite wanna be shutn ur face about my man!!!!!!! IM THE BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!

      • U are the most amazing singer ever I know a few justins but u have got be the best one I know I love u soooooooo much<3

    • i love u soo badly tooo!!!!! even i likee all your friendss want to meet you baddlyy.. i dont live in amerika though i live in Malta and i wish u could come and do a concert here even though aloottt of celebrities camee. i really want u to come at least oncee!!

      • I Wish That I Could Get To Date Justin Bieber Someday And I Hope I Get To Meet Justin Bieber In Person Someday And Give Him A Hug.

      • justin is mine so shut up yeh he my world and my boii and i would rather die then him die all u lot might love hi but hes mine and mine and he more then fit a buff teen he has never been ugly and for the person that said somethink about his bals well u just jel u ant got none like him mate soo merrrrrrr he mine and get over it alright argggggg xxxxxxxxx


      • i really dont like you youre so hot . your face looks like bananas and you smell like my grandpas teeth . and your legs are scrawny doodle. thats the way i feel about you so shuv it

      • Hey Beib`s I’m your biggest fan.Even though you don’t read this I wanted say people should write good reports about you!Because there’s nothin bad about in my opinyin.Also because there’s a saying, treat people the way you want to be treated.I just wanted to say that I`m a craaaaaaaazy fan and wanted to make be more nice to that soooooooooo sweet guy! PS:peace out and back off GIRL`S!

      • 2 who ever said that juss shoe size r 5…. they r 7 and a half!!!!!!

        Get it right! you all are great fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • have you guys tried justin’s new perfume called someday??????? you should totally try it. it smells amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you j-biebs!!!!!!! keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Your story is just like me. I live in Ohio to and i would love it if he came here. I am NOT a crazed fan but i like him as a person! And i don’t love him like every other girl says they do. I mean really you hardly know him if you think about it. Even if you think that you do!!!!

      • shut up selina gomez he is my man so deal with it and also you look so ugly you dont not once ever look good so what are talking about he is not you man he is mine so stop crying you are sad saying he is yours i love him he will dump you so many times before you can get it through your thick head

      • u shut the f up maisie bieber and if justin beiber grew up and wasn’t so cute anymore would u still love him? think about. oh and also hes selenas man so DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hey JB, i think ur awesome and im not one of those crazed fans, well maybe im a little crazed but only because ur famous and im not. i need some advice on how to become an actor. i live in a town thats VERY small well it has 10 000 people in it but if u came im sure you would agree with me about it being small. I dont want to become famous because of all the money and other stuff, i just want to do it because i in love with it. i LOVE acting and i feel as though i need to act so if you do take a chance to ead this, plz plz plz tell me. you will be making a girl veryy very very very HAPPY : )

    • Dear Justin
      Hey justin Its hannah i like your music i would say i love you but i don’t I have never been to concert in my life i would love to go to one. But I don;t see that happening unless you would come to south carolina maybe in greenville that would be very nice because I know you are a sweet person but i can say i know alot about you like i know you like sour patch kids!!!:) and you like girls
      who smile well i smile all the time like i can;t ever stop unless i start to cry!!:( but i can’t say i know you would come to south carolina!!!:) anyway I like you beautiful songs like down to earth and love me!!!!:)

      Hannah Dobbins

      • Dear Justin bieber
        Hi i just wanted to know what u are doing and what u have being doing.I am a big fan of u and your music i love u so much i want to ask how much tickets are and when u go on tore.The song that i love the most is one less lonely girl i feel like the song was just dedicated to me.My dream would to meet u some time.
        Lots of love
        Kayleigh briggs p.s love u so much and always will and will be a fan.


      • hey JB, did your foot really brake on stage, because when i watched the film clip it looked like it did’t even hurt. u didnt even say anything.

    • i totally agree im the same way about meeting celebrities, i dont really care but like I met Scooter Braun at his concert in my city but thats only because i live like an hour from his home town. I got into the concert..it was awesome I totally recommend even if he does come to your town and you dont have tickets, go to the concert stand outside, maybe youll see him, or maybe youll get front row tickets from scooter like i did. :D

      • Omg Yuu Are So Lucky The Did That In The Justin Bieber Movie I Mean Yuu Giirls Can Say Your Not A Real Justiin Bieber Fan But NoOne Really Cares BeCuz I Am && i Dont Really Care && Yuu Needa Come To Evansviile IN Or Indy Becuz that teh only concert i could go to and i want yuu to briing me on the stage and siing a song to mhe i would seriosly Cry and faiint and i have the most pretty smile in the world i mean my teachers and every one tells me i do so yuull jsut haft to see when yu come perform lol ill be lookiin for yuu

        From Aundreea Victoriia Shiian Kiinq

      • my friend is at my house and she likes you 2…. not as much as i love you though. N01 AND I MEAN NO1 LOVES YOU AS MUCH AS I DO!!!!!!! IM UR NUMBER ONE FAN! aND PEOPLE CAN SAY THAT UR NOT A GOOD SINGER BUT IF THEY SAY THAT, THEY DONT KNOW WAT TALLENT REALLY IS!!!!! i think every one shood reconize tallent…, which is deffenetly you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • hes more then awesome hes the best looking strongest good singer and the fitesst boy in the wrld loveya justin this is skyes sister laura xxxxxxx she let me on her profle coz i cant remember mine lol xxxx

      • he is totally amazing. i know everything about him by accident. i totally did not mean to learn everything about him in almost 2 months!!!!!!! it is my best friends fault. i am not a crazed fan!!!!!!!!!! please believe that with all you haert, mind and soul!!!!!!!!!!!

    • justin i dont know if you come on here i just want you to know never say never. i wrote a sang and my friend liked it . it is called sitlenly
      inside my head
      i herad a voice
      that i never read
      He’s a cool guy
      But i think i’m about to fly
      i love him and he loves me
      But i think he is so crazy
      But i think he is so crazy
      ooh yeah yeah crazy .
      that was for you justin biber or should i call you Mr. Gomez
      Tell Selena that she is a very lucky girl

      • I love u if u see this rember it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 <3<3<3<3<3<3

      • I really like your song, and im sure that you will probably end up a singer/songwriter because that is awesome. im a 14 year old girl and no matter what ANYONE says about your song dont belive them because your song is the best and u have a GREAT future. keep up the awesome work

    • hey beibz love ya and i hope that you could visit stoke-on-trent on day the only famous person that came to s-o-t is peter andre yh not that big of a fan i barely know him anyway love u biebz!!! <3

      • umm erin ur mean and i hope u die bcuz ur mean so uhh go suck a ball sack and i think ur song was great Ashley :) I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER HE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nd i love ur new song mistletoe <3 <3 <3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • all of these girls who say stay off my man i hate u justin bieber STOP HATING ur just mad becuz justin has more fans than the fans yall like

        and stop saying that i wish justin bieber and selena gomez should break up stop hating on the girl and justin bieber will never marry yall in ya life so in ur dreams

        Justin Bieber <3 ya Never Say Never

    • thats funny how me and justin bieber have the same birthday MARCH 1ST lol …….and i know how to count to ten in germany to …..lol…but cool ohh and i love the color purple to its my favorite color … <3

      • sorry for my miss spelling what i said he doesnt like sour patches anymore he like peeps now and he was born i london,ontario

      • @Abigail just chill dude… I could barely understand what u were saying. U don’t even spell things right :P

    • WOW justin bieber is pretty good and awesome singer and i hope u continue to make more albums.. Ohkay Much Loves
      Fr: Me(:<33

      • yeah so wut he is 17 it dosent matter like i might not like him if he had a kid at like 14 but dont be haten him if he had one at 17 thts not a great age to have a kid but its better than 14 like really

    • i know how you all feel i live in a small town called leominster and no one has aver been here and at first i didnt like justin bieber but i had nno reson so then i loveed him but im not one of thoes girls who are obsessed over you but i do like you ….im just saying i would love to meet you and see and meet you in person <3 love destiney

    • justin is the fit and you can say that you love him it is easy and if you dont than you are not a justin bieber fan

    • Hey Justin my names Alexa i go to school at Vanguard Chater Academy in michigan. I am 12 and i will be 13 in June.I love your chrismas cd and i know all your songs by heart. My favorite song of yours is u smile , i also think you should come to my school it would make me sooooooo happy!!!!!! My favorite color is purple just like you! I really hope you come to Michigan soon !

      love your biggest fan Alexa<3

    • Ikr! justin Bieber, pleaseeeee come to ohio!! no one ever comes here and i love you so much and wish you would. I would give anything to go to one of your concerts! ILY ILY ILY <3 <3 <3

    • hi i love him and would say it hes the best i love him and his fam and friends he rules he my #1 honney i love u justin

      • u suck your gay and u wont to go to a nersen home and lick one of the old ladies butt
        holes ya you do i now u do u said it yourself ggggggggggggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      • Seriously what has jb done to offend any of u haters he is a nice guy and he is rlly sweet so tbh i dont think all of u haters should say anything if it isnt nice TBQH jb ur amazing i love u xx

    • Justin Bieber i lov you so mutch i listen to your songs over and over every night there is no uther way to explain my love to you plz write back to me

    • Tell me about it. I live in Ohio to in one of those teeny-tiny little towns. No one ever comes out here. It’d be nice if they did.

      • justin i loveee youu soooo much love ur songs and just yu altogerher tbh loveee yu a would do anything to see yu xxxxxxx

    • i live is a small state and no cool or super hot star came here . ~hint{ twilight movie was not film there but said in movie} so that about all i got to say

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      justinbieber r
      justinbieber ro
      justinbieber roc
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    • omg i love justin if he look at this my address is 22007 pearl lake dr katy tx 77449 justin i want your phone # i wont tell no one i promis so just plesea come to my house

    • Brooke i know that you dont know me, but i love wat you wrote and if it helps any i give you my support to your comment and hopes he shows up there in ohio.

    • brooke ino tht u dnt no me but i wnted u to no tht u have my full support to ur comment and i love wat u sed i hope tht u get the chance tot got to the concert if he comes to ohio.

    • i feel the exact same way! i live in wilcox county goergia and its a small town too! i just wish he could come to our county or somewhere near it so bad!! i luv u justin soooo much! just look in my room there is nothin but justin bieber everywhere!!!

    • Brooke I know how u feel see i found out about Justin in 2010 from my cusin Kaylee. She likes Justin but not that much.I am a only child,well i have to older sisters that are 21 and 20,we all have different dads.I hope that Justin comes to Ohio.I live in a small town called Logan,I go to Logan-Hocking School.I dought i would be able to go to Justins concert bc 1. my dad dont reeally like Justin and 2.my family dont really got money to spend.I have had a rough life.Most of my life my mom wasnt there bc 1. my parents got a devoiced when i was 2 and 2. my mom has been in jail all through out my life bc of drugs.But my mom has been sober from drugs for about 7 mounths.I am not going to I love Justin Bieber!I would do anything for him and to meet him.But i am one of his biggest fans i am not one of the stalker type fans that only like him for his looks and that are obseesed.Like I know almost every thing there is to know about Justin.But i am not obseesed<3 love ya Justin

  2. Justin’ s dads name is Jeremy and his dad is the singer , his grandma was a great piano player.
    If your readin this all I goin a say is
    PAYCE out

  3. Justin bieber was born on the 1st of march (as you have written), but on the biography page…it says he was born on the 14th march….which one is true???? :/
    On a youtube video..justin himself said he was born on the 1st of march…but i dunno???

  4. Justien es un chico perfecto yo tambien tengo miedo a los ascensores porque en nadidad me quede 2 horas encerrada en uno yo sola a mi me parece que Justin bieber nacio el 1 de marzo y yo y el teneños muchas cosas n comun como el color el azul la comida favorita toca un instrumento como yo el pianoy mas cosas pero como el ninguno es perfecto por esto: Guapo, romántico, canta bien, tiene un color de pelo muy bonito y los ojo tambien olle es verdad que tiene un pendiente en la oreja??

  5. ya u have his birthday wrong. its not march 1st it is march 14 he said it his self so it might be good for to change it cuz thats not correct.
    plz and ty

  6. if u don’t know his b-day u should take it off the the page. and his best friends r ryan and christian.and he does not have a brother

      • he was born on 1st of march 1994 at 12:56 am on a tuesday in st. judes hospital, london, ontario, canada, and he has a half brother called jaxon which is his dad’s kid, and a sister jazz. his parents split when he was 10 months old. and his favourite colours are purple and RED, not blue. his favourite basketball team is the lakers and his favourite hockey team is the toronto maple leafs and christian beadles, ryan butler, and chaz somers are all his best friends. he can speak french fluentley and he only got his driving permit the second time round cause he got 1 question wrong the first time he took the test. and im his biggest fan. forever and ever. and i find it hard to find a photo that i don’t have of him. his eyes are brown and he has over 11 million followers on twitter and counting, every day, and when he was 14 he moved to atlanta from stratford and he came 2nd in stratford star and he is the most talented person ever…. . . he is god’s gift to us <3 JUSTIN DREW BIEBER FOREVER AND EVER. <3 <3 <3 <3 x infinity

    • yeah he does his name is jaxon i saw pics and his best friends are ryan butler and chaz somers. christian beatles is still his friends but hes closer to ryan and chaz. obviously you dont know anything so dont be sayin anything mean about anybody elses coments

    • noooo thats not his friends names his four closest friends are ryan butler chaz summers nolan tamlet and mitch freir but his 2 bfs are ryan and chaz where did you get christian from WIERD and hospital room 127 not 126 but u are close and its not st judes hospital he was too poor to afford a private hospital he was born in london, ontario canada state public hospital whooo go australia by the way i am the #1 bieber fever fan just me noone else and he can speak french sigh

  7. Justtinn you are an amazing singer what ever you put your mind to you have no problem doing it!! Your so layed back its like your not even famous I have never seen a boy like you that has everything popularity looks money an amazing voice act so calm and layed back keep it up Justin with your personality you can do and get anything:)<3

  8. am also very protective of my littel brother(i dont have a littel sister) because ever sens i was 7 i had alway wanted a littel brother or sister so now that i have a two year old brother i love him SO SO SO SO MUCH

  9. Hey Justin ! My favorite food is spaghetti too ! And I love Captain Crunch . Your birthday is two years , two months , and seven days before mine ! P .S , I love you ! «3

  10. !!Hello my favorite pie is apple 2! & I love captin crunch with the barries cuz I’m eating them right now my favorite color – is purple we have alot in commin”!!!! Yay love jb soooooo much

  11. Hi Justin I<3U. my fave song is one time or one less lonly girl. i also love cacptain crunch and sour patch kids or really anything sour. taylor swift is one of my fave artists too. blue is my fave color or really sky blue. my moms german & shes teaching me. I love spaghetti & meat balls. I want to be a singer when i grow up. my fave # is 16. our b-days are only 4months 13 days & 4 years apart.

  12. i love u justin beaver<hahahahaha beaver i like beavers but i dont like your music i love u <sik333333333333 lmfao by the way i saw u on 106 and park and u were with rihana and u asked her out and she said noooooooooooooo wat a crackhead {which is u} pce duces bye bye

  13. hiiiiiiiii justin i love yor music its wonderful i really like one less lonely girl and one time i wanna meet you in rl life soo bad and so does my freind cyara we both love you she has 24 posters of u on her wall lmao were doing a project about you in school i know u have a lot of fans but we are your NUMBER 1 FANZ lol byez

  14. hey justin my favorite sport is soccer 2 i love it i played it at recess today at school then i got hit in the mouth by a basket ball it hurt really bad i was bleeding but im not any moore im hoping to play this summer i havnt played in about 6 years i know how to play but i got 2 go talk later

  15. i have been doing soccer for two years and boxing for five so pretty much im very active girl i get that from my dad he wanted a boy but sense im a girl he showed me all deffrent types of sports,buy the way i cant wait till my world part 2 comes aut i loved my world part 1 i think part two is going to be much BETTER!

  16. Ahhh my name is Jazmin but it has no E anyways i love JB he is all over my wall!!:) JB ur so hot and sexy!! i love basketball and soccer!! and my fav color is blue and neon green!! MWAHH JB!!!:)

    • yeah im so suure xD LOl all you people are fails and yes i am hating ….. i know justin bieber like no joke and its a little creepy how all of you people are falling and you dont even know him ,

  17. OMG you are so amazing i love you so so so so much i have posters of you all over my room,, you are an awesome singer and some day i will marry you… me and my BFF we fight over you.. but obviously i am gonna win!!! I love you and you are so hot and cute and i just cant wait to meet you,, even though i probably never will but still i will love you forever!!!!!! bye..
    ~ Nicole

  18. Justin i was just waching a show called The Buried Life in mtv its abaut 4 guys tha made a list of 100 thing they want to do before they die so i was wandering what do you want to do before you die?because all i ever wanted to do is help the needy araund america.My family and i just gave away all the old clouth we hade and some new one to that made me feel very happy.

    please write back i want to know your answer
    to the question. iwant to know.

  19. “I really admire you justine and your songs too.,wish you can visit here in the philippines and stay in our mini hotel.,” (hahahahaha)

  20. Wow we have so much is common!!!!!1 You have a mother, so do I!!!!1

    My favorite number is the number 6 and I like a good smile! Wow we were made for each other!!!!!1111

    …Just kidding.

    PS – please click the link on my name to see my Justin Bieber page. Rate and leave a comment, thanks!

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