Justin Bieber Facts

Quick facts about Justin Bieber.
If you want to add some more facts about him, please let us know. Also, if you think that some of the information are untrue,  let us know! Thanks for all the input guys!

Justin Bieber full name is Justin Drew Bieber
He was born March 1st, 1994 (17 years old).
His nicknames: J-Beebs, Justin, JB, Biebs, Bieber, Beebs
His mother name is Pattie Mallette
His father name is Jeremy Bieber
His dad plays guitar, and his mom sings.
His grandma was a great piano player.
His Dad remarried.
He is very protective for his little sister.
He wanted to buy a house for his mom when he first earned $1,000,000.
He is not into bling-bling.
He started dating when he was 13.
His first kiss was when he was 13.
His favorite TV show is smallville.
his favorite video game is nba 2k.
His favorite colors are blue and purple
His favorite food is spaghetti
He speaks fluent French
He is claustrophobic – fear of being in narrow or enclosed spaces, eg: closet, elevators ;)
He prefers Macs over PCs
His favorite number is 6
His favorite music is R&B and Pop
His favorite artists; Usher, Michael Jackson, BoysIImen, Stevie Wonder.
His celebrity crush is Beyonce.
He likes vitamin water
His favorite drink is orange juice
He has a half sister named Jazmine/jazzy & brother names jaxon
He is a lefty
He can play trumpet, guitar, piano, and drums
He likes captain crunch (with berries)
He can count to ten in German
He once asked out Rihanna and Alexa Chung (got rejected) :(
His two best friends are Ryan butler and Chaz Somers
He once dated Caitlin Beadles (Christian Beadles sister)
His shoe size is 7 and a half
He likes sporty, active, nice, down to earth girls.
He likes sour patch kids
His most embarrassing moment is when he broke his foot on stage during a song (he stayed and finished the song, didn’t even miss a note! so proud :))
He grew up in Canada (Stratford Ontario)
He is signed by Usher. Justin Timberlake was reportedly in the running to sign Bieber.
His label is Island def jam.
He likes playing soccer.
His favorite slang word is “shawty”
He likes tacos
His favorite pie is apple
He likes to skateboard and is good at it
He loves Tim Hortons (very Canadian)
He likes a good smile
His first CD came out in Novemeber 17th 2009
He got his first plaque at YTV’s The Next Star at Canadas wonderland :)
He would date anyone he falls in love with.
He is pals with Taylor Swift
He plays four instruments; guitar, piano, drums and trumpet
He raised 150,000 lbs of food for food Bank, with the help of his fans.
He loves his fans!

  1. Hi Justin my name is Katherine and i am your biggest fan ever i do have blue eyes and pretty smile but even more i am a down to earth girl and i am not a crazy freake i am srry about how your parents are divored to but i am only 11 or i would totally ask u out and i know u have a girlfriend and my fav slang word is shawty to and i know u would never date me because i am really short but still i am like your biggest fan ever and plus u r in high school i am only in middle school but i would love to meet u justin bieber YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER

  2. hi justin i am a huge fan of yours!!!!!!!!!!!!! first of all i would like it if you came to my school and preformed
    i go to an all girls high school so i am not the only one who would like for you to come and sing for us…….me an my friends would like for you to preform


  3. Hey Justin Ur sooooo cute I really want U 2 come to Dallas Texas….cause if U do then I will definatly be there!!!!!I love U sooo much!!!!!!

  4. Spero q Vc tenha muita felicidades, pois com ela
    seguirá um caminho d muito sucesso, amor e paz…
    C é bem legal… Gosto d ver jovens cantando músicas romanticas e Vc é um deles q se destacou com suas letras suaves…
    É ótimo d ouvir…. Parabéns continue assim.
    /////////eu sô da Paz e Amor…

  5. when he first come out i fort its just going to another one of these boys but when i herd him sing its like unbelieving and i would like to follow in his foot steps bit i cant sing lol a dancer for me i think :) and i would really like justin To come to shrewsbury and play so i could see him face too face and you no :L lol xx

  6. Arghhhhh !!!!

    i love justin bieber sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much he is amazing, but there is never a chance for me to be able to meet him because i live in the uk, x

  7. heya justin(: jus wana say that i luv ur new album my world.its s0o0o0o0o cool!!i think ur soo hot & sooooooo talented.oh & plzzz come t0 cork city in Ireland! luv ya!

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)

    & my email is sheilakeaney97@hotmail.com xxx

    • Dude.. you shouldn’t put ur Email on here.. I’m dead serious! What if someone found out where you lived and killed you?!?!?! Or kidnapped u or somethin’!!!! So don’t put anything personal on here!!!! Got that??

  8. omg..he likes BLUE eyes? aww so if i ever meet him ill have 2 put blue contact lenses in my eyes.. =’[ anyways we share the same fav colours (Y) and MUSIC..we both seem 2 like MICHAEL JACKSON.. :)

      • bieberluver you are wrong his Birthday is March 1st 1994 so get your facts sraight you must not really be a fan if you don’t know when his Birthday is. And just to let you know i am not a crazed fan and i know his birthday!!!! LOSER

    • r u stupid ur clearly not a bieber biliever so shut up if u dont know wat ur saying dddddduuuuuummmmmmbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • wow spazz much u guys all dont know what he is like i have met him befor he hates that all u stupid girl that alwasys fight about him he will never love u

      • i love ur songs,u.and ur lil sis.me and my lil sis r both fanz but my sis thinks if she doesn’t` look interested in u at a concert or something u will be interested in her.btw were can i get ur new cd?p.s i love all ur music.i play instruments 2,i am in 2 bands a school band and my own band,and i sing in my school chorus.soo we hav somthings in common.

      • hey bla u fatt bitch jusin beiber apsulutly hates u iv met him and i know u very well and i am the one that had the baby wiv him hahahahaha you will never get him hes mine mwahahahaha :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) <(") (^^^) 3:)

      • whatever he woudemt say that cozz he loves selena and all use have to get over that like i did but justin is stil my world and heart and i love him to pieces xxxxxxxxxxx

      • guys really fighting over Justin Bieber he is a popstar you guys not not even me I LUV him u do 2 does it matter we all live in the same world but the only thing diffrent is our selves no ones perfect not even JB no a fence Justin Bieber if your reading this . Just saying he loves his fans like the fans loves him
        no one is the same . Just understand we all love him . Me tooooooooooooooo .

        JB ROCKS

  9. Hey, isn’t his fav color is blue he likes to WEAR purple and ya dont u hate wen sites say his bday is march 14 (u got i rite obviously) but dont u hate it wen they do that!!!!!!!!! oh and wtf is blink-blink and he also said that he tried watchin twilight and by the end he was all confused and stuff

  10. I actually uhmmmmmm…..like a blue eyes not red because whenit reds its scares me because i will gonna have a sore eyes ssshhhh…..hey iread too that you like sphaggetti why dont you try a sphaggetti sardines because i gonna like it when it have sardines try it and you gonna like it don’t be shy it will not scares you………just when you did not like it say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………………..it is so spicy ohh i forgot put a many pepper on it…….joke just try it it makes your sphaggetti tasty and come on don’t you get a break..

  11. ahh OMG i like havce so much in commom with him i am so protective with my lil sister, my fave # is 6, fav food is spaghetti, fav juice is orange, fav colors are blue, purple, and pink, fav candy sour patch kids, fav singer usher, and i so love socecer, Tim Horton`s and i am an active nice and a down to earth girl well gtg i hope justin bieber will reply to this love you so much kisses to you my baby

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