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Happy Halloween: Justin Bieber as Power Ranger!

Justin Bieber’s had a pretty rough year, but that’s not stopping him from being one of

Keep voting for Justin Bieber #EMABiggestFansJustinBieber

Keep voting for Justin Bieber.

No Interaction: Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift “Awkward Run-in” at Knicks Games in NYC?

Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift reportedly had an “awkward run-in” at the New York Knicks games

A Model to Send Justin Bieber a Gift: Michael Jackson Impersonator T-shirt

The model that Justin Bieber tried to hit on with a Disney pickup line last week,

Cute-Overloaded: Justin Bieber Holding a Baby Toddler

Justin posted a snap of him holding a cute baby; Edward Barrett, son of a general

Justin Bieber Shows Off Hair Bangs – Touring at NYC Apartment

Justin Bieber stepped out in New York on Wednesday night looking clean cut and respectable with