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Justin Bieber Serenade Newly-Engaged Couple with ‘I’ll Make Love to You’ -VIDEO

Justin Bieber is apparently taking his rendition of “I’ll Make Love to You” on tour …

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Reunited in Snapchat VIDEO, As Friends!

Justin Bieber hung out with his friends – including ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez – at a Wednesday

‘I’m Not Religious’ – Justin Bieber talks about his Faith on Instagram!

Justin Bieber has been contemplating a lot lately. And recently he claims he’s NOT religious… but

Justin Bieber Performs “I’ll Make Love to You” & Humping the floor at W Hotel -VIDEO

Justin Bieber popped into Jazz Night at the W Hotel in Hollywood to cover a classic

Justin Bieber Playing Nerf Guns: “Best Day Of My Life” – VIDEO

Justin took to Instagram Saturday (May 23) to video document what he called “pretty much the

Louis Tomlinson Looks Tired After Partying at Justin BIeber House!

1D member Louis Tomlinson looked a little tired as he makes an exit after paying a