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Justin Bieber: ‘Hibachi Alone Isn’t as Fun’

via Shots: “Hibachi alone isn’t as fun”

Justin Bieber Posted Selena Gomez’s Photo in a tight skirt on Social Media

Justin Bieber posted this photo of a woman’s derriere who appeared to be his girlfriend Selena

‘Hot Justin Bieber is DEATH’ Twitter Scam!

A Twitter term that’s trending around the world is spreading malware. “HOT Justin Bieber Is DEATH,”


@ryanlastking: Icey @justinbieber

#facetimemoments Talking New Music and New Hairstyle

via Instagram. @scooterbraun: #facetimemoments talking new music and new hairstyle? with @justinbieber

Justin Bieber Almost Naked Shoot with model Ashley Moore

Justin Bieber Instagrammed an unexpectedly, steamy photo shoot. In it, he gets shirtless and seemingly naked.