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I have Someday Swept Away Hair Mist!!

It is meant for hair but it also works just as fine as the perfume....it is basically perfume for your hair, but you can use it on yourself.heart

asked 3 years ago in Justin Bieber - Products & Merch by Bieber Luver (1,943 points)

4 Answers

0 votes
Where can you buy this Someday Swept Away Hair Mist?(:
answered 3 years ago by biebersoreos (575 points)
0 votes
ShufflexBieber, try googling it. My parents bought it for me.
The best places i know that might work are amazon and ebay.
answered 3 years ago by Bieber Luver (1,943 points)
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I want it so bad! My friends got the kit, and hopefully i can get it for my birthday
answered 3 years ago by Sara_BieberXD (859 points)
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Belieber1799, i know i want some of the other someday products.
Just remember, NEVER SAY NEVER!!
answered 3 years ago by Bieber Luver (1,943 points)

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