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Have you got 'Someday' yet? Was it worth paying the price you payed?

Do you Love your Someday perfume? Or, is it not really a big deal and you wish you wouldn't have payed that expensive price? Do you use  your Someday perfume all the time or only on special occasions? What do you think Someday smells like? (: -Thanks-

asked 3 years ago in Justin Bieber - Products & Merch by biebersoreos (575 points)

3 Answers

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It smells like flowers, berries, and a little bit sweet. I got a sample, it smells amazing! The lotion makes your skin sparkly! The hair mist works as perfume and is in a big bottle! It will be worth it when i get it! I wouldn't use it that much cause i do not want to waste it!
answered 3 years ago by Sara_BieberXD (859 points)
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yes its fantastic tho, but i'm not going to use it that often!
rather save it :$

also biebsi at www.bieberplaza.com
answered 3 years ago by biebsi (136 points)
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Nothing is worth anything, it's all a waste of time
answered 3 years ago by IWNB101 (2,213 points)

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