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Justin Bieber song lyrics in alphabetical order.
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My World Part 1 & 2.0

Common Denominator
Down To Earth
Eenie Meenie
Favorite Girl
First Dance
Kiss & Tell

Latin Girl
Love Me
Never Let You Go
Never Say Never
One Less Lonely Girl
Overboard (Life Saver)
One Time
Pick Me
Rich Girl
Runaway Love
Set A Place At Your Table
Somebody to Love
Stuck in the Moment
That Should Be Me
Wavin’ Flag
Where Are You Now
You Smile, I smile

  1. Justin said Pick Me wasnt even supposed to be realesed …. its kinda obvious … he said nothing about it to his fans!! hmmm!! nothing on twitter, and facebook …. hes upset with the ppl that did this … and he ask’s nicely in his words “please take these down it was supposed to be a suprise!” …..

  2. i dnt think itz a surpise anymore but that waz kinda messed up u hsould have left it a surpise and now that song iz all over youtube u should respect wat he wantz if u were ture fanz

  3. Heey, Justin! I LOVEEE YOU SOO MUCH! I love your music, personality, and everything ABOUT you. Everyday I listen to your CD, and your lyrics speak to me. I understand the challenges you have overcome in lifee, and I know your parents are divorced, well soo are mine. You were born in Straitford, and I was born near there.
    Justin, im, Funny, Out-Going, Fun to be around, Amazing, Caring, Light hearted, Easy going, down to earth, nice, athletic ,and…..THE BEST PERSON FOR YOU! I WOULDD GIVEE ANYTHINGG FOR YOUU, AND TOOO MEET YOU! I have entered every contest dealing with, but, im veryy unlucky. .i applied for My Date With, and my video took,3 weeks, and cost ALOT of money!
    By the Way, Im 14 turning 15 very soon!
    Im Blonde! Blue eyes, Love Tim hortons, I LOVE to smile, and have fuun!
    i live in Canada! ( Very very, veryy, close to Straitford)
    You keep me motivated in liffe!
    It would hurt me if you werent heree!
    alicia <3 <3
    p.s. I Would NEVER Break Your Arm, Or.., HEART! <3

    • hi justin ilove utoo i want to become u girlfriend i love u so much i hate selena gomeze when she was with u i want to become with u ever and fore ever i become jellise when i saw u pics with selena i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. omg please come to seven hills or brookpark ohio i love your music and i love you i dont have blue eyes but i love blue i have hazel eyes i am 14 and i will be 15 on september 1 please ask if you could have a consert downtown or somewere nere there i have more pation to you than any other girl or at least i think i do by the way i llllllllllllllloooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee you so much!!!!!!! sorry but your just so cute and my friend ally hates you i dont get it but hey so your hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye.

  5. hii i luv u! well all of ur fans luv ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wats ur # .. well u dnt hav to tell me since its private.. :(

  6. hay i love your siong dowen to earth i can relly cuneckt to it. i also love baby and common demaina. also first dance,never let you go, love me, pick me, favorite girl,one lasst lonely girl. also love where are you now because i can relet to it about my dad. i cry wen i her dowen to earth but i love the song i also cry when i here where are you now. but i am all ways happy when i har all of your songs. all thow to mackes me cry i stell have a smill on my are all ways going to rellat to me whith a lot of your songs and every one elsto. your lirckes are so sweet so i think you are sweet and cined .just like all your fans sy i love you justin bieber.aka jb.

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