Chinese Girl cries over Justin Bieber, Live At MuchMusic!

Don’t worry, young Justin Bieber fan. You’ll never be apart…at least that’s what he says in

Justin Bieber and Caitlin Beadles Videos Before the break UP

So, Caitlin Beadles used to be Justin’s girlfriend, but now they broke up. Did they break

Video of Justin Bieber Sings for Obama “Someday at Christmas”

Justin Bieber admitted he was nervous when performing “someday at christmas” in Washington DC in front

Justin Bieber One Time – Unplugged Christmas Version

Justin Bieber announced on his Twitter that his popular single “One Time” is going to be

Justin Bieber – One Time Parody Lyrics

Justin Bieber One Time Parody Lyrics! Me plus you (im a play it all night) (im


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