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I Lost It! Justin Bieber Shotguns a beer at Las Vegas Party -VIDEO

Justin Bieber decided to celebrate with some friends by consuming some adult beverages at a party

Pastor Helps Justin Bieber quits Alcohol and Drugs, report says

Justin Bieber has reportedly ditched alcohol and drugs so he can put his bad boy image

Justin Bieber & Kendall Jenner – Least celebrities who promote drugs and alcohol on Instagram!, a website for those looking to help themselves or a friend recover from substance addiction,

Religious Mission: Justin Bieber to ‘give up friends, alcohol, weed,’ Report Says

Justin Bieber is reportedly in self-imposed isolation form Hollywood lifestyle in a bid to get himself

Chicago Nightclub Prosecuted for Allowing Underage Justin Bieber Drinking Inside

The Chicago nightclub is being prosecuted Wednesday for allowing Justin inside the 21-and-over club, reports Justin