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Justin Bieber Apologizes to Fans for ‘Arrogant’ Behavior in Emotional Video

Justin Bieber has a heartfelt message for fans. In a new video posted on Facebook Wednesday

Justin Bieber Releases 2nd Apology for Racist Joke – Read Here!

A second racist video from years back emerged yesterday, this time showing a young Kidrauhl repeatedly

Justin Bieber Apologizes for Racist Joke – ‘Im Very Sorry, I Made a Reckless & Immature Mistake’

Justin Bieber has apologized for a racist joke — which was originally recorded when he was

Justin Bieber Tells N-Word Racist Joke, Planning A Public Apology -VIDEO

In a recently surfaced clip reportedly recorded during the making of his 2011 concert documentary, Never

Justin Bieber Apologizes to South Korea for Visiting Yasukuni War Shrine in Japan, Again!

Justin Bieber has apologized a second time for his visit to Japan’s controversial Yasukuni War Shrine,

Sharon Osbourne Apologized to Justin Bieber

During the Talk show onThursday (Jan 9), Sharon Osbourne took a moment  to apologize to Justin, and