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Confirmed: Pattie Mallette Coming to Brazil & Argentina with Justin Bieber! #BelieveTour

Pattie Mallette has confirmed (Oct.21) that she will accompany his son during the Latin American Believe

Justin Bieber Interviews with Susana Gimenez in Argentina (30 minutes)

Long interview with Susana Gimenez, in Argentina October 13, 2011. LOVE IT 😀

Justin Bieber Speaks and Reads in Spanish (SUSANA interview)

Justin Bieber forced to speak and read in Spanish during his interview with Susana in Argentina.

Justin Bieber Concert performance Buenos Aires, Argentina 10/12/2011 (River Plate Estadio)

    Justin Bieber performs “LOVE ME” Buenos Aires, Argentina October 12, 2011 Justin Bieber performs

Weird One Less Lonely Girl – OLLG Argentina (Touching Justin Bieber face)

Justin Bieber performing One Less Lonely Girl last night at the River Plate Estadio, Argentina. Based

Justin Bieber Eating Argentinian Food in Buenos Aires with his crew!

Justin Bieber and crew eating out at the restaurant in Buenos Aires. JB wearing Peruvian Hat!