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Justin Bieber Explains Throwing Up Milk & Spaghetti Bolognese Right Before Concert

Here is a full explanation why Justin throw up on stage at a concert this weekend

Justin Bieber’s OLLG Tribute to Avalanna – Believe Tour – Glendale, AZ 9/29/2012

Justin didn’t pick a One Less Lonely Girl aka OLLG from the crowd, he chose Avalana

Justin Bieber Puking on Stage, Arizona Concert! Video!

Justin got sick on stage and puking when performing “Out of Town Girl” in Phoenix, Arizona.

Justin Bieber Meet and Greet in Arizona!

Justin Meet and Greet with fans in Arizona, before the concert! 6+ pics inside. Watch the

Justin Bieber on Segway, arrived in Glandale, Arizona (Video)

It’s the day beliebers have been waiting for. Justin has arrived in Glandale, Arizona. He’ll kick

Arizona Fans Chasing Justin Bieber on Segway (video)

Justin Bieber came out on a Segway and was riding around the Westgate marketplace in Glendale