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Justin Bieber’s Smiling Mug Shots Released following DUI Arrest in Miami

Authorities on Thursday released two mug shots of Justin Bieber wearing red jail scrubs, with one

Justin Bieber Arrested in Miami for DUI & Drag Racing (VIDEO)

BAD news Beliebers :(, Justin was reportedly arrested and taken into police custody early Thursday for

Pretending to be Justin Bieber on Facebook, 34 Year-old Man got Arrested!

Creepy!! An Ontario man posing as Justin Bieber on Facebook has been arrested in connection with

Justin Bieber is Arrested by Dallas POlice? NO

NO. Justin Bieber was never arrested. He is in London, UK when the rumor spread. Justin

Justin Bieber Manager got Arrested!

Justin Bieber manager was arrested on Wednesday for refusing to warn fans on Twitter about overcrowding

Did Fans cause Justin Bieber get Arrested by Police?

Justin Bieber has once been threatened with arrest. WENN reported the “One Less Lonely Girl” singer