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‘Where Are U Now’ Justin Bieber Art at The Seventh Letter Gallery in LA

These are painting/drawing art at the Seventh Letter Gallery in LA for JackU (Diplo and skrillex)

Kelly Osbourne gets Graffiti-Art Lesson from Justin Bieber!

Kelly Osbourne posted photos of herself getting urban art lessons from Justin, who has made the

More Graffiti Art

Justin spray painting Milk Tyson’s home. @milktyson: Homie @justinbieber adding more at my cribbo! #FAM

Justin Bieber Painting Graffiti Art in Rio De Janeiro Brazil

Justin Bieber painting graffiti in Brazil and meeting fans (November 5, 2013).

Justin Bieber’s New Hobby – Graffiti/Street Art – Bogota Colombia

On Thursday, Oct. 31, Justin Instagrammed pictures of his “street art” tagged on buildings in Bogota,