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Justin Bieber’s Assistant Pleads Guilty for Drugs Possession – Australia

Justin Bieber’s executive assistant — Terrence Reche Smalls — has pleaded guilty of possessing drugs after

Justin Bieber Meets Kate O’Neill HD (VIDEO)

VEVO Australia presents you “Justin meets Kate”. As previously reported, Kate O’Neill (19) had tickets to

Justin Bieber with Topless Blond in Perth, Australia

Justin Bieber spotted chatting with a topless mystery girl and relaxing at the hotel poolside at

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Surfing in Byron Bay Australia

Here’s the video footage of Justin surfing at Wategos Beach in Byron Bay , Australia (November

Justin Bieber’s Bodyguard Filmed in Sydney Attack on Paparazzi Car [VIDEO]

A paparazzo has filmed Justin Bieber’s bodyguards attacking his car and threatening to slash his tires

Justin Bieber in Perth Australia (Dec6)

Justin out in Perth, Australia. He’s set to perform at the Perth Arena on December 8,