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Justin Bieber: One Less Lonely Girl – Brisbane – Australia 2011

The OLLG of Brisbane, Australia April 26, 2011

Justin Bieber Australian Tour 2011

Sources have confirmed that Justin Bieber will return to Australia mid April 2011 this time for

Why was Justin Bieber Australian Performance Cancelled?

Justin Bieber was supposed to stage a free show in front of the Overseas Passenger Terminal

Justin Bieber Appearance in Sydney is Cancelled Because of Crazy Australian Fans

JB performance scheduled for Monday morning on Sydney Harbor had to be cancelled over concerns for

Justin Bieber Video in Sydney, Australia

Video of Justin Bieber arrived in Sydney Australia. He landed at Sydney airport Saturday (Apr. 24)

Justin Bieber Shirtless at the Beach, Australia

Justin Bieber was spotted shirtless and having fun time at the beach, after arriving at the