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Jasmine Villegas on Justin Bieber: ‘We Dont Text Each Other These Days’ -Interview

Jasmine Villegas talks about Justin Bieber in the latest interview with VIBE magazine (November 10). Jasmine

Cute-Overloaded: Justin Bieber Holding a Baby Toddler

Justin posted a snap of him holding a cute baby; Edward Barrett, son of a general

Justin Bieber’s Baby Ringtone Saves Russian Man from Bear Attack

A man fishing in Russia was saved from a bear attack after his phone’s ringtone —

High School plays Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ Nonstop for Fundraiser

A Washington state high school took a unique approach to raising money for a good cause.

Justin Bieber’s BABY Hits 1 Billion Views = 10x #VEVOCertified

Justin Bieber has become the first artist on VEVO to pass a billion views with a

#4YearsOfBaby #1BillionViews

Can’t believe it’s been 4 years since “Baby” music video uploaded on Youtube. Keep watching —