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Justin Bieber’s Baby Ringtone Saves Russian Man from Bear Attack

A man fishing in Russia was saved from a bear attack after his phone’s ringtone —

High School plays Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ Nonstop for Fundraiser

A Washington state high school took a unique approach to raising money for a good cause.

Justin Bieber’s BABY Hits 1 Billion Views = 10x #VEVOCertified

Justin Bieber has become the first artist on VEVO to pass a billion views with a

#4YearsOfBaby #1BillionViews

Can’t believe it’s been 4 years since “Baby” music video uploaded on Youtube. Keep watching —

Justin Bieber with Tiny Toddler at Fort Lauderdale Airport FL

Another cute pic of Justin Bieber holding an adorable infant baby at Fort Lauderdale Airport, Florida.

Ludacris Asks Justin Bieber’s “BABY” Royalties [Video]

Ludacris congratulated Justin Bieber on the success of “Baby” and asked Justin for his royalties, as