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Justin Bieber & Beliebers Most Tweeted in 2014 + 1D, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande!

With 2014 coming to an end, Twitter is taking a look back at the biggest moments

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Comforts Crying Young Fan: “You Gotta Smile!” + Meet & Greet

Justin Bieber made an appearance at a West Coast Customs event in Burbank over the weekend,

“Beliebers Are The Most Extreme Human Beings”: Model Cailin Russo Talks About Justin Bieber Fans – Video Interview

Model Cailin Russo (the girl from the All That Matters video!) reveals the juicy details of

Justin Bieber Misses Performing on Stage for Fans!

via Fahlo.

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Meeting Fans in NYC 11/28/2014

Justin spending time in NYC & meeting fans (11/28/2014).

#DontSellShots, Beliebers freak out over possible Twitter acquisition

After we reported that Twitter had been in talks with selfie-sharing app Shots, beliebers lit up