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Justin Bieber’s 18th Birthday: A Guinness World Record

This Thursday, March 1st, is a very special day… it’s Justin Bieber’s 18th birthday! It’s a

Justin Bieber’s 18 Birthday Celebrated with Hallmark Card Line

Justin Bieber turns 18 Thursday March 1, 2012, And what better way to celebrate the golden

Justin Bieber Birthday Party (March 1st) with Ellen!

JUSTIN BIEBER birthday exclusive! Justin will be on Ellen Show for a spectacular celebration of his

The WANTED to invite Justin Bieber to the UK in his 18th Birthday

Justin Bieber’s 18th birthday is coming up very soon. British boyband, The Wanted have revealed plans to invite

Happy 2nd Birthday Jaxon!

Justin Bieber 18th Birthday Project – Live. Love. Beliebe

Join our Justin Bieber’s Birthday Project – Live.Love.Beliebe. Worldwide Love for Justin Bieber. Are you a