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Happy 19th Birthday Selena Gomez!

Today is Selena Gomez bday (July 22). Happy Birthday Selena, today you’re 19!!

Justin Bieber Celebrates Scooter Braun’s 30th Birthday Party!!

Justin Bieber was in the Bday party supporting his manager, Scooter Braun, spending much of the

Scooter Braun Donates his 30th Birthday to Charity

From Justin’s manager Scooter Braun: “This year rather than asking for any presents, I’m donating my

Happy 37th Birthday Jeremy!

Today June 4 is Jeremy Bieber’s birthday. Everyone say happy bday to Jeremy! 😀

Happy 3th Birthday Jazzy!

30 May is Jazzy birthday. she is Justin Bieber lil sister. Happy Birthday Jazzy. You’re now

Happy 30th birthday Kenny!

Happy bday kenny! Thanks for keeping Justin Bieber safe.