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Again, Justin Bieber Sued by Photographer After Bodyguard Destroyed Camera in Hawaii

Justin Bieber has been hit with a lawsuit from a photographer who alleges JB and his

Justin Bieber’s Bodyguard Hugo Hesny Testifies: I Never Touched a Photographer!

Justin Bieber bodyguard Hugo Hesny has reportedly denied touching photographers while working for Justin, when he

Justin Bieber Might Be Dead Within Two Years – Kris Herzog Prediction

The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills owner, Kris Herzog predicts that Justin Bieber might be dead

Justin Bieber Out in Hollywood CA + New Bodyguard – May 7

Justin Bieber out and partying in Hollywood, LA (May7) with his new bodyguard, wearing an all

Bieber Team Believes Deposition Video was a ‘Set Up’

Justin Bieber believes he was set up in his videotaped deposition by lawyers who baited him

Justin Bieber bodyguard Hugo Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Pap’s Camera in GA

Justin Bieber’s bodyguard Hugo Hesny (32) was arrested after allegedly stealing a paparazzi’s camera Tuesday (Feb25)