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Justin Bieber tells Woman: ‘Look What Happens In My Life’ Following Bodyguard Scuffle -VIDEO


Justin Bieber tried to keep himself and his bodyguards out of trouble when a photographer got too close for his guard’s liking. Justin was trying to get to his yacht to enjoy an Independence Day party on the way when the paparazzi showed up looking to get a photograph. When one of the photographers got… Read More »

Justin Bieber’s EX-bodyguard Moshe is Called to Court, Report Says

The witness list of Justin Bieber’s paparazzi trial is getting longer and longer every day. First of all Selena Gomez set to be subpoenaed to testify in Justin’s photographer lawsuit next week. And now ex bodyguard Moshe Benabou has been called to give his account of the alleged brawl. The UK’s Mirror newspaper is reporting… Read More »

Justin Bieber’s Bodyguards Hugo & Michael Arrested after Attacking Police, Report Says

Justin Bieber’s two bodyguards, Hugo Hesny and Michael Arana, were recently arrested after ALLEGEDLY attacking a cop at a fan event in Florida. According to a police report obtained by TMZ.com, while Hugo was arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer, Michael was put behind bars for disorderly conduct. TMZ claimed that Michael became… Read More »

Justin Bieber Not Involved in the South Pointe Nightclub Assault, It’s his Entourage [Video]

According to E!news, Police in Southampton, NY, has confirmed that one of Justin’s entourage are being investigated for an alleged beatdown that occurred at approximately 4 am on Saturday night outside the South Pointe nightclub. Authorities were not called to the scene but a police spokesperson said the unidentified male victim went to the Peconic… Read More »