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Justin Bieber tells Woman: ‘Look What Happens In My Life’ Following Bodyguard Scuffle -VIDEO

Justin Bieber tried to keep himself and his bodyguards out of trouble when a photographer got

Justin Bieber’s EX-bodyguard Moshe is Called to Court, Report Says

The witness list of Justin Bieber’s paparazzi trial is getting longer and longer every day. First

Justin Bieber’s Bodyguards Hugo & Michael Arrested after Attacking Police, Report Says

Justin Bieber’s two bodyguards, Hugo Hesny and Michael Arana, were recently arrested after ALLEGEDLY attacking a

Justin Bieber Not Involved in the South Pointe Nightclub Assault, It’s his Entourage [Video]

According to E!news, Police in Southampton, NY, has confirmed that one of Justin’s entourage are being

Justin Bieber with his 2 BIG Bodyguards + 1 Lifeguard

Australian lifeguard poses with Bieber. It was cute, but Omg.. can you see how big Justin’s Bodyguards are? They