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Justin Bieber Shows off Brazilian Beats by Dre!

Justin shows off his beats by dre on the Brazilian flag colors. “My Brazilian beats. Love

Justin Bieber Interview with Zeca Camargo on ‘Fantastico’ 10/06/12

Justin Bieber was interviewed by Zeca Camargo, the interview aired today on the Brazilian TV program,

Justin Bieber WAX Statue in Dreamland Museum Brazil

A museum in Brazil has revealed its own wax figure of Justin Bieber. Cute or ugly?

Justin Bieber Playing Golf in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Video)

Video of Justin Bieber playing golf with Mike Lerner when he was in Sao Paulo Brazil

The WANTED Opens Justin Bieber Concert in Sao Paulo BRAZIL

The Wanted opening Justin Bieber concert in São Paulo Brazil , Festival Z  8/10/2011.

Jelena Private JET – From Rio de Jainero to Sao Paulo Brazil

Pics of Justin, Selena and the crew heading to Sao Paulo from Rio! You can see