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Justin Bieber gets 9 Nominations in the 2011 Capricho Awards Brazil

Last year, Justin Bieber was nominated in five categories at the Capricho Awards, but failed to

Justin Bieber and Crew dancing on Stage with “Party Rock Anthem” – Sao Paulo, Brazil

During his concert in Sao Paulo, Justin Bieber called all his team on stage to dance

Justin Bieber singing Trust Issues (Live in Concert) Brazil

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, OUTBACK Dinner, Sao Paulo BRAZIL

On Friday, Justin Bieber took the night off and had a dinner with Selena Gomez at

Justin Bieber meets NBA Player, Anderson Varejao in Brazil

Justin Bieber meets Anderson Varejao. Anderson is a Brazilian professional basketball player who currently plays for

One Less Lonely Girl BRAZIL – Lucky OLLG

Justin Bieber’s ONE LESS LONELY GIRL, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL