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Justin Bieber Cooking Dinner For Chantel Jeffries & the Beadles Family

Older pic of Justin cooking dinner for the Beadles family and Miami model Chantel Jeffries in

Justin Bieber, Christian & Caitlin Beadles – Valentine’s Day

Justin Bieber celebrated Valentine’s day last weekend with his mom, Pattie Mallette and the Beadles family;

Justin Bieber, Caitlin and Christian Beadles

@mamabswag: God promises to give us strength to meet challenges but He doesn’t promise to eliminate

JBs EX, Caitlin Beadles Hospitalized again, Pray for Caitlin!

Justin Bieber’s ex Caitlin Beadles is in the hospital again because her stomach is paralyzed. Everybody

List of Justin Bieber Ex-Girlfriend Names

According to some sources, in the past, Justin Bieber was in relationships with few girls. Below

Justin Bieber, Caitlin, Christian and Friends having Fun in the Bahamas

These pictures was taken from Justin’s trip to the Bahamas with friends and his team. Justin