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Justin Bieber, Christian & Caitlin Beadles – Valentine’s Day

Justin Bieber celebrated Valentine’s day last weekend with his mom, Pattie Mallette and the Beadles family; Christian, Caitlin and the Beadles parents. Beadles mom, Sandi Beadles posted pic via Instagram: @mamabswag: Best Valentines Day❤️ Always Be strong in The Lord #family #bond #God #love

List of Justin Bieber Ex-Girlfriend Names

According to some sources, in the past, Justin Bieber was in relationships with few girls. Below is the list of Justin Bieber EX-Girlfriends. 1. Caitlin Beadles 2. Jacque (the girl in the School Gyrls) 3. Rebecca 4. Shay Note: we are not 100% sure if they were in an intimate relationship or not. You think… Read More »