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VIDEO: SNL Mocks Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad

SNL (Saturday Night Live) mocked Justin Bieber and his Calvin Klein ads in a series of

‘Photoshop Lol’- Justin Bieber Responds to the Calvin Klein Controversy: Showing off his Bulge!

Justin Bieber addressed the Calvin Klein “fake bulge” rumors on Wednesday (January 14) by posting a

Jake T. Austin: “Leave Justin Bieber Alone! he’s a man, not a little boy!”

Jake T. Austin opens up about his opinions on Justin Bieber in this new interview! The

Most Viral Video of the Week: Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad

Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein ad – most viral video of the week. via Wall Street Journal:

Justin Bieber “Fine being a Sex Symbol, Enjoying a Single Life” – US Weekly Interview

Justin Bieber is fine to be considered a sex symbol. HeĀ admits modeling for Calvin Klein has

Justin Bieber Team Suing a Website for Releasing a “Fake” Un-Retouched Photo of JB’s Calvin Klein Ad!

Justin Bieber was recently revealed as the new Marky Mark, a.k.a. the new face of Calvin