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Justin Bieber Promoting Shots App at the House of Music and Entertainment, LA [PICS]

Justin Bieber is camera shy while making his way to his chauffeured car after promoting the

Justin Bieber Wants ‘An Open Relationship’ with Selena Gomez, No Commitment -Rumors

Justin Bieber doesn’t want to commit himself to Selena Goemz as he’d like to date other

Justin Bieber Parties with Johnny Manziel & Mayweather, Police Get Called TWICE!

Justin Bieber reportedly partied with Johnny Manziel, Floyd Mayweather, Tyrese and others Tuesday night until the

Justin Bieber Cuddling with Chantel Jeffries – and another girl

Remember Chantel Jeffries? The stunning model who shot to fame the night Justin was arrested for

Chantel Jeffries is Back! Spotted Leaving Justin Bieber’s Four Season Hotel in LA

Looks like Chantel Jeffries is very much back on the scene!! the blonde model, known with

Justin Bieber Cooking Dinner For Chantel Jeffries & the Beadles Family

Older pic of Justin cooking dinner for the Beadles family and Miami model Chantel Jeffries in