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Justin Bieber Performs “Mistletoe” Live in Santiago, Chile (October 15, 2011)

Justin Bieber singing “Mistletoe” at the Estadio Nacional de Chile, Santiago, Chile. Reminder, single “Mistletoe” released

Video of Justin Bieber Private JET Landing in Chile

Justin Bieber Kissing a girl with Cancer in CHILE (pic)

Justin Bieber meets 13 year old girl with cancer. She’s Anita, one of many Beliebers live

Justin Bieber angry Paparazzi attacked his Car in Chile

Justin Bieber has reacted angrily towards aggressive paparazzi in Chile after they allegedly attacked the car

Justin Bieber in CHILE: Entrevista Antes del Show (Oct 15, 2011)

Crazy Fans Attack Justin Bieber W Hotel in Santiago, CHILE, OCT 14

OMB, Chilean Beliebers go hard! This happened today October 14 at 10am in Santiago, CHILE. Checkout