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Justin Bieber Buys $200 Dinner for NYPD Police Officers

Justin Bieber treated NYPC police officers to a $200 dinner Friday night, and proceeded to allow

GPS Record Shows No Evidence of Justin Bieber Drag Racing. Cops Lied?

Cops may have lied about Justin Bieber drag racing, GPS records emerge. TMZ has obtained the

No Drugs Found in Justin Bieber’s Bag. But Why Did Police Search his Bags?

As previously reported, Justin had his bags checked by drug-sniffing dogs at Fort Lauderdale airport in

Joyriding a White Ferrari, Justin Bieber Stopped by Cops!

Justin Bieber stopped by cops when he went joyriding in a white Ferrari Tuesday night in

Did Fans cause Justin Bieber get Arrested by Police?

Justin Bieber has once been threatened with arrest. WENN reported the “One Less Lonely Girl” singer