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Justin Bieber Covers the Hollywood Reporter Mag

Justin and Scooter Braun covers THR magazine. Editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter @janicebmin tweeted: @janicebmin:

Top 10 Justin Bieber’s #Heartbreaker Covers (Video)

We’ve gathered several #Hearbreaker covers via Youtube — and here’s our top 10 picks in a

Justin Bieber Covers Us Mag (Collector’s Edition) 2013

Justin Bieber is featured on a special edition of the US Weekly! magazine (Collector’s Edition). You

Inside Justin Bieber’s Private World – Top Of The Pops Special!

The UK magazine ”Top Of The Pops” released a limited edition Justin Bieber special. It’s on

Justin Bieber Revealed 2 New Songs titled “Yellow Raincoat” & “I Would”

Justin has revealed another two unreleased songs titled “Yellow Raincoat” and “I Would” that will be

Justin Bieber Cover Boy for Top Of The Pops Magazine

Justin covers “Top Of The Pops Magazine” January 2013. Story here.