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DJ Tay James Talks about Justin Bieber’s New Music -INTERVIEW

DJ Tay James talks tour life, cars, DJ set up and reveals new Justin Bieber music

Download ‘We Know The Dj Radio Vol.4’ Mixtapes for FREE

Justin Bieber’s official DJ — DJ Tay James has really taken things up a notch with

Justin Bieber Accused of NightClub Attack with DJ Michael Woods in S. Korea

Justin Bieber is being accused of hitting a man after he got into an argument with

VIDEO: Justin Bieber DJing at AOMG Launch Party in Seoul, South Korea

Justin Bieber was photographed having fun during the AOMG (Above Ordinary Music Group) Launch Party in Seoul, South

Justin Bieber with Old Friend Christian Beadles and DJ Tay James

Justin hang out with an old friend Christian Beadles and DJ Tay James

Justin Bieber Gives the Man Slap Lesson!

Justin gives Dan Kanter a man slap during “This is a DJ Tay James Exclusive”. Watch