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Taylor Swift “Hates” Justin Bieber, Fighting With Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s relationship isn’t the only things that’s had its ups and downs.

Keyshawn Johnson: “I’m Not Moving to Get Away from Bieber”

Ex-NFL star Keyshawn Johnson admits his move from his Calabasas neighborhood has NOTHING to do with Justin

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Barbara Palvin – the Victoria’s Secret model who was linked to JELENA’s breakup last year –

Justin Bieber Look-a-Like, Robin Verrecas: “I’m Not in the Pot Smoking Picture”

While beliebers continue to express outrage of Justin Bieber smoking weed, other remain in denial that

Justin Bieber asks Fans to Stop Drama Fighting Each Other over Carly Rae Jepsen

Justin Bieber recently had a little problem with some of Beliebers—apparently some fans dislike Carly Rae

Justin Bieber’s Response to Baby Drama (“Mistletoe” Parody)

From Huffingtonpost.com, in this parody of “Mistletoe,” Bieber laments about the unfortunate situation he found himself