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Justin Bieber’s DUI Trial Date Is Set For May 5th in Miami

Justin is scheduled to appear in a Florida court on MAY 5 to face charges stemming

Miami Police Released Justin Bieber’s Peeing Video for Urine Test

Miami Beach Police Department just released the video of Justin giving a urine sample for a

Miami Police Released More Revealing PICS of Justin Bieber after Arrest – Closed-up Tattoos

Miami Beach police have released revealing pictures of Justin Bieber shortly after he was arrested on

Justin Bieber Doing Pushup in Miami Cell (VIDEO)

The Miami-Dade County police released another video of Justin in jailhouse. The footage video was released

Media Released Justin Bieber’s Sobriety Test VIDEO

Media outlets & TMZ have released one more video of Justin Bieber (Wednesday FEB26) in jail

Justin Bieber to REJECT the Prosecutor’s Plea Deal, report says

Justin Bieber is about to reject a plea deal over demands he should submit for random